General Shipping information:

We ship via USPS Priority in the U.S. from Alexandria, Virginia 22306.  Insurance is required.  By default USPS Priority includes $50 insurance.

We ship via USPS Priority Air International / insured to areas outside the U.S..

With all methods actual shipping charges are the responsibility of our customers and we will invoice any additional shipping charges when they are significant.  These charges need to be paid prior to fulfilling/shipping your order.  These significant differences occur mostly with outside of the U.S. deliveries where a single pound difference can easily be $5.

USPS Priority within the U.S. only includes $50 insurance and if your order exceeds $50 you may be sent an additional invoice for the additional insurance.  This insurance starts at $2.45.  As with other shipping charges, the additional insurance needs to be paid prior to our shipping your order.  USPS additional insurance should be considered when making your shipping choice strictly based on cost.

We strive to get as close to actual shipping costs as possible without actually packing each item and, generally speaking, we take a small loss at the end of the year.  We will always refund significant (at our determination) differences when asked which occur are usually with outside U.S. shipments where cost/pound differences are more significant.

Any errors in your submitted shipping address may result in a return to us by USPS and returned USPS Priority packages will require shipping charges to be paid again prior to our shipping to the corrected address as USPS does not refund them for an address mistake.

Generally speaking most of our packages ship within 2 days of receiving an order.  During Christmas time USPS orders may experience delays up to 2 days.

Shipping procedures and how we keep you informed about your order:

Shipping does depend on when your order arrives and also please keep in mind that there is no shipping on Saturdays or Sundays.

Shipping may be delayed if your order has issues for what ever reason and this includes issues with address information.  Some orders require special authorization.

Your account will be updated along the way and you will receive an email notification as well.
The Account Status notifications we add are as follows:

"Payment Accepted" - this denotes that your payment has arrived and that your item is in the queue to have the item(s) pulled from our warehouse and then forwarded to the shipping department for packing.

"Processing in Progress" - this denotes that your item(s) has been pulled and/or packed and is ready or being made ready to ship.  You can expect your package to be updated to shipped within the next 2 weekdays.  Usually, but not always, this is the same or next day.

"Shipped" - this is the status that occurs after your shipping notice and tracking number is sent.  Please note that shipping notices and tracking numbers do not necessarily get posted right away but always the day they are shipped.  Also remember that your tracking information may be sparse since the information may not have been entered into the USPS system yet or it may simply note that it was picked up.

There are other status notices but these are the ones most customers will see during the ordering process.  Other statuses should be self explanatory but are also usually followed up or preceded by an email explanation.