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Pan Am Wool Uniform Coat by Academy Award Designer Edith Head


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Designed by the 7 time Academy award winning Designer Edith Head. Rarely do her designs surface for direct sale and this is usually through the top Auctions only. This Coat is a particularly scarce, if not rare, item to find. That is especially true in this well kept condition. There are a couple of small marks on the back side of one arm (see picture) and 2 other similar size/color surface stains below the one shown in the picture. They are each a couple of inches in size. These are relatively light and may clean by hand. Certainly Excellent condition or better.

Wear it or simply display it but don't wait until you see it in Sotheby's auction catalog!<

We are told, but cannot confirm with certainty, that this coat was made in/around 1967 for Pan Am. Based on another of these we are fortunate to list we would call this more of a Fall coat as it is slightly lighter then the other one and also slightly differently styled. Would certainly keep you warm regardless with the 100% Wool make up.

Cuffs feature gold buttons (just decorative) with Pan Am logo.

White Edith Head label.

Marked size 6 Tall but of course sizing has changed over the years. With the coat flat and tied as you would normally see on someone and with lapels just overlapping the bust and waist at belt is approximately 40". This would be the largest size but of course is ties and folds over so smaller sizes are fine. Please take the measurements with a big grain of salt due to how we have to measure them and we are happy to take any specific measurements you might want. Be VERY specific with your measurement requests to make certain we measure exactly how you wish.

Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime offering that is Collectible for so many reasons so whether your a Movie memorabilia collector, private museum, Vintage clothing buff or Airline Memorabilia collector you'll want this piece of history.